July 26, 2007


I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.

I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.

I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.

I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

Those pictures were taken during our anniversary celebration (although its 4 days earlier) @ Luna Bar, KL. It was a perfect date on top of building... gayat babe!!

Syayang, I promise you that I will always love you now and forever..

me on top of KL...cool mehh...

can see KL tower from here..

nice place..

got nice view somemore...

so ROMANTIC!! Hubby I love u so much!! muah!!

aiyakk!! got CicakWoman meh?? :P hehehe

Till then..muah! muah!

I'm sorry mama

I'm sorry for the troubles
And the worries I brought you.
I'm sorry for my mistakes,
I didn't mean to make you blue.

When I was young and growing up,
Living in your home for so long,
I made many people sad,
I did many things wrong.

So I thought that I could show you now,
By moving away and being on my own,
That I was finally straightened out,
I wanted to prove to you I am finally maturely grown.

But I havn't done to well at that,
I guess it goes to show,
You never really solved it all,
You never really know.

I'd like to show you now,
I need to take the time to say,
Thanks for accepting both the good and bad.

Love you mama!!! muah! muah!

July 22, 2007

Best Nyer Ramai Kawan!!!!

Friend are there, smile or tear.
Friends are there, happiness or fear.
Friends are fun and friends are clever,
And the ties that bind friends will last forever.

Hi there... Its been a while I've been away. Is not that I forget or neglect my precious blog. It just I dont have the mood to write. :-) However, recently I really have some happy stories that I wanna share with u guys.

Last week yzma sibuks kemas-kemas bilik to become my study room as for phd preparation. Talking about PhD, Alhamdulillah yzma will start PhD this semester. So hopefully I manage to finish it within 3 years, InsyaAllah. Do pray for my success!!... Anyway back to my story, sambil2 kemas tuh yzma tgk lar album-album lame... wadduuhh..rindu nye zaman anak dara dulu...hehehe having fun with frenz..

Last week I went to Kuantan, meeting one of my best friend..Niza... Happy bangat dpt jumpa Niza... Kitorang boleh belasah lepak rumah Niza sampai pukul 12 mlm..Sorry yek Niza kacau jerss....yzma met Niza during matriculation in U*M. We had so many thing shared together.. Ade yg sedih, ade yang klakar...

Sometimes we can be sexy as this

And the next day can be 'alim' as this

Apapepon we still be best friend now & forver...hmm Niza if you read this, I want u 2 know that we will gonna have some FUN & enjoy our life same mcm dulu jugak... I PROMISE YOU.. :-)
Seronok sgt sgt to meet with my long lost fren..Mase peluk tuh terase nk nangis plak...hehehe Nick is my good friend in m*za*... The last time we met was on my wedding day..Since that we never keep in touch until last nite she came to visit me. She's already married & had a son, Akif age 2. Gosh, mcm x percaya jer.. For 5 years, yzma duduk se-dorm dgn die.. Menari same2, sport same2, mkn same2... Kalau diingatkan balik, rase mcm nk pergi balik zaman sekolah dulu.. seronok sgt rasenyer...tp life must go on kan.. nway yzma still happy to see us grown up, ade family, career..yzma doakan semoga nick & family bahagia hingga akhir hayat..amin. Picture below was taken in 1997 (Form 5)..yzma & nick during bersalam-salaman after sembahyang hajat untuk SPM... hmm muke still same lar..awet mude u.. :p

It was four of us, Nanie, Sara, yzma & Nick. Canggih kan dorm kitorang..hehehehe
Lunch time td, skali lagi yzma met my best friends mase matrik jugak... Dah lame x gathering rase seronok plak jumpa diorang... Last time gathering pon mase wedding yzma..So x sempat nk bergossip-gossip u.. so td i-shah buat house warming party.. cantik rumah i-shah.. then kat sane jumpa nazim..It seems nazim so happy to meet me & so am I. Nazim pregnant 8 months...and i-shah has a daughter- Balqis.. Uishh.. seronokss sgt dpt chit-chat dgn member lame... Unfortunately yzma forgot to bring camera :( so xdpt nk amik gambar terkini kitorang.. However I had a picture during we all mase matrik dulu...

Seronok kan dapat jumpa kawan-kawan lame... Terase muda!! hehehe So gang, bile nak meet up lagi??? Syiok laa....
Tapi dalam happy-happy nih, yzma sedih sgt-sgt sebab one of my best friend nk move to Iowa, State.. :( ikut hubby g persue PhD for 4 years... Yang lg sedihnyer, yzma xdpt send die kat airport coz i'm going 2 bandung on the same day... Her name is Zalifah.. Everbody call her jaja. Zalifah best friend dgn yzma since I was standard 2...Just imagine!! It was 19 years ago!! Then we went separate way during secondary and met again in U*M doing the same degree.. Mase sekolah dulu boleh dikatakan everyday yzma g amik zalifah then bonceng naik basikal g skolah..(ala-ala supir kelas bawahan) hehehe byk sgt sgt kenangan manis kitorang go through together... Zalifah, nanti jgn lupe kite tau bile dah duduk sane... lepas tuh jgn lupe post hadiah2 best untuk birthday kite yek..hehehehe Good bye my friend & I'm gonna miss u SO-SO much...

Gambar ni mase kitorang g Genting..Mase ni darjah 5 kot..heheh xingat lar.. Siap pegang tangan lagi...name pon BEST FRIEND kan.. :)

Ni gambar yzma & hubby with Zalifah... Zalifah mase ni jd MC for the event!! Siap berpantun-pantun lagi.. Best aa!!!!

Seronoknya bile terkenang-kenang kawan-kawan lame nih... Bertambah seronok kalau kite spent sedikit mase kite untuk berjumpa dengan diorang... To all my beloved friends, I pray for your happiness & success and I hope that our friendship will last FOREVER..
Till then..muah..muah..

April 23, 2007

bertemu dan berpisah

bermula dari interview di U*M..detik perkenalan yzma dgn mereka. At that time yzma not really interested in meeting new friens kerane terlalu debo untuk facing the inteviewer.. Alhamdulillah kami semua diterime bekerja sehingga sekarang... Sesudah masuk bekerja yzma ditempatkan di bilik prof *a*an..Memandangkan ketika itu yzma dah start buat master di U* yzma terlalu focus untuk belajar sehingga sekali lagi yzma tidak berminat untuk bercampur dgn mereka....

Then kebetulan yzma pergi class aerobic same dgn salah seorang daripada mereka..Bermula disitu kami mula mengenali each other.. kemudian mereka mula mengajak yzma untuk makan bersama rakan-rakan yg lain.....mula2 yzma agak segan silu untuk join mereka memandangkan yzma agak 'sombong' ketika mula masuk kerja... walaupon masing2 ade unique factor tetapi dgn keramahan mereka semua..yzma mula selesa..Kemudian kami beramai-ramai masuk pertandingan kawad..bermula di sini perasaan suka berputik untuk mengenali mereka lebih dekat.. berpanas bersama berhujan bersama demi memperjuangkan PTJ dan Alhamdulillah berkat kesabaran kami...kami memenangi pertandingan kawad itu...

Mereka sekali lagi mengajak yzma untuk celebrate 'bachelor party'..Memori yang sungguh indah & tidak boleh dilupakan... makan sepinggan (for appetizer..hehehe) nyanyi semikrofon...tidur sebantal...(walaupun untuk mase 2-3 jam)...we were have fun bersama-sama... sejak itu yzma dapat rasekan yzma adalah sebahagian daripada mereka..kebahagiaan menyinari hidup..memandangkan sebelum ini yzma kurang selesa dengan environment pekerjaan yzma...

hari bersilih hari...bulan bersilih bulan..tahun bersilih tahun..tanpa sedari sudah 3 tahun lebih yzma menjalinkan hubungan bersama mereka..susah senang bersama mereka... bile yzma jatuh mereka akan bantu untuk bangun semula..bile yzma sedih mereka akan hiburkan..bile yzma marah mereka juga akan join bergossip dgn yzma...

so siapakah mereka.....Mereka adalah teman-teman yzma yang setia di tempat kerja...

Terima kasih yang teramat kerana kawan dgn yzma seikhlas hati.. Post ini yzma special dedicate to ina yang akan further phd di U*...Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan kamu di sana dan balik disini dengan gelaran Dr.. Bagi kawan-kawan yg lain termasuk diri yzma juga ini merupakan pembakar semangat bagi kite untuk meneruskan perjuangan kite...janji yea dgn yzma..bile semua sudah pulang dari PhD dengan jayanya, persahabatan kite masih tetap sama.. Caring, Loving, Comforting, Joking and Happy-happy-ing each other... Love u guys..muah muah

April 18, 2007

Yzma, your true color is Yellow!

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

April 8, 2007

dInNeR NiTe

Last friday buat julung-julung kalinya yzma nye office buat dinner since 3 years yzma bekerja di *S*T*...As i expected, mmg so damn bored.. the 'VIP' xdtg...(korang penah ke attend dinner bos korang xdtg?? ) PLUS yzma got very bad headache that nite so really make me moody..but overall yzma had fun jugaklar with my dear dear frennzz... *T bwk kawan yg die slalu cerite..Nice ti meet u m*r*..;) So those are the picture taken during the dinner... ade yg melaram ade yg x..tp semua cantik cantik belaka..Especially yang pakai baju putih tudung choky pink....Siapekah gerangannyer??? hehehehe

rizs and abg"yusop" nyer.. So confuse mane lar die dapat idea pantun name yusop..hehehehehe

This is my beloved roomate with hubby...k*mi* wat's up with the eye..??? terkezut ka..??? :p

yezzaa...wakil *S*T* utk ke Gang Strazz..Tunngu kemunculannya..ffeeewwiitt (awek baju putih tu cun aa... heheheh :P)

so..this us..very the very happy office family.. lOvE u gUyS!!!

this is "gaya bebas" pic...(ok ina, aku tau aku cun dr ko sebab tuh ko over shadow aku kan??? :P)

Last but not least yzma and beloved hubby!!! Love u hubby...so so much...
ok guys...gotto go..nk wish hubby happy birthday!!! till then..muah muah...

April 3, 2007

YZMA Celebrity Look-alikes

Jeng jeng...ni baru lar muke yzma..wassup wassup..amacam ade serupe x? warna kulit je kot serupe..hahahaha


My HUBBY Celebrity Look-alikes

My hubby cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

hmm..hemsem jugak laki aku ni yek...tp apsal KAJOL??? confuse gak..

March 19, 2007


hello readers.. sorry for taking almost a month to update my blog... It just so many things need to be done..plus still looking and wondering who is the luckiest person in the world to be my supervisor..Arrgghh...(Ya Allah..Permudahkanlar semua urusan-urusanku...) Today I went for tutors meeting with Dr R..Its was a great meeting where Dr R Telling the experienced when he had his PHD in UK.. Went back home try to hint hubby best nyer wat phd kat oversea... Tapi as I expected hubby still takut to take the risk to leave our beloved home for 3-4 years..Xpelar kan..mungkin rezeki yzma ditempat lain..
tapi kekadang yzma rase ok jugak buat local...At least yzma dah nampak my direction..but still takut direction ni betul ke x.. hmmm nk cite pasal phd sampi esok pon x habis kan... (nway sape nk jadi supervisor aku sila angkat tangan!!) tapi selagi xhabis phd sentiasa ade conflict dlm diri ini... nway the good news is yzma got only minor correction for my master thesis...Alhamdulillah.. So hopefully everything goes well and by August boleh grad!!!
And lg satu nk bg tau 1 of my colleagues @ office sudah berangkat ke Aussie to persued PHD..Really miss u mas.. wish u best of luck on ur study... yzma confident sgt u blh buat.. and at least bg kami-kami di sini semangat untuk sambung PHD. Next month pon sorang lagi nk pergi..:(( TIDAK!!! member bergossip semakin berkurangan...tapi xpe.Only for 3 years kan..tapi balik nanti jgn lupekan I yek... I LOVE u ALL so so much!!!! mmmuuaaahhhh.....
To n**is & *t..marilar kite bersama sama berjuang mencari tempat untuk belajar..heheheh Actually I do have pictures to upload tapi tetibe x jumpe plak...hmm maybe next time...
chiow for now. Till then..muah..muahh

February 17, 2007

hApPy-HaPpY fAmILy......

Last weekend enjoy-enjoy dgn oopsie & the gangzz..this weekend plak spent time dgn my beloved siblings...Actually yzma jarang jupe my sibling..sorang masuk s*s**i and sorang lagi s*m**h*r. So sempena school holiday nie yzma and hubby decide nak ber-happy-happy-an bersama my sister & brothers.. So after amik my brother @ s*m**h*r kitorang straight naik bukit genting...yzma hoping sgt weather (betul ke aku eja nih?) die sejuk mase last time yzma tgk concert boyz II men..tapi harapan hanya tingal harap..sob..sob.. bukit genting x sesejuk mane..anyway after check in hotel we all terus pergi ke garden near @ our hotel (ala garden yang i penah amik gambar dengan cuna tuh...) Then ttaarrraa.... kitorg berkhelah dilereng bukit untuk menikmati juadah yang telah dibekalkan oleh mama..(Thanks mama...Kami SAYANG mama..)

Makanan yang telah dibekalkan oleh mama..yummy!!!

Posing macho dulu sebelum melantak makanan-makanan ini...

memandangkan we all sampai di puncak genting around 5pm & none of us still did not have lunch, kami pon melantak ala-ala barbarian gitu...hehehe Tapi we all really have fun.. menikmati makanan di tepi bukit genting sambil angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa gitu....

Bang relax bang...makan slow-slow..kang tercekik kang...

Selepas masing-masing kekenyangan..untuk menghilangkan kebosanan diri we all telah bergambar-gambar dan juge membuat pertandingan siapa sembur biji limau paling jauh...But for yzma bukan stakat biji limau, dgn air liur semua tersembur sekali...(eeyyaks..disgusting!!)
Korang nih...xde kerja lain ke??? (mengutuk diri sendiri..hehehe)

Adik-adikku yang comel dan macho-macho belaka..

That nite kitorang berjalan-jalan amik angin... Those pictures were taken @ the genting mall & indoor park..We all main xsampai 1/2 hour habis RM 70!!!! Moral of the story: Jangan gatal2 nak start main game kat indoor.. hehehehe

Inilah mamat & minah rempit yg plg CUN di Malaysia.. (Amacam ade gaya x?)

Ala-ala di Paris gitu... :p

At last..merase juge yzma naik spiderman ride tuh...(SOrry cuna,,I merase dulu..huhu) The next day we all naik ride walaupun cuace ujan-ujan renyai gitu...Tapi hubby xbaik..just for of us...So tetibe terase diri ini superhero..For those yg xpenah ride spiderman..its really cool man!!! tapi mahal siut..RM12 per person..ride x sampai seminit pon... (benci aku!!)

Apsal kepala spiderman xnampak nih?

Then after enjoying ourself being spiderman, (plus sudah pokai..ergghhh ) kitorang pon pulang balik rumah... That nite yzma's father decide to have a small tenpanyaki party since all of our family members ade kat rumah...

Picture with yzma's eldest sister, brother-in-law, niece, lil bro & beloved hubby

Tu papito y mamita... Te a'mor...

Ni apahal lak nih...Ter'kanan' ker Ter'kiri'..ehhehehe

So we really enjoy eating and chit-chatting. So that was yzma's beautiful journey for this weekend.. ALHAMDULILLAH thanks to Allah for giving me very beautiful and lovely family...I LOVE U GUYS SO SO MUCH!!!
Till then..muah..muah....

February 13, 2007

I have a pen, My pen is blue..I have many friends, And guys I LOVE YOU!!!

After reading oopsie's blog regarding the pot luck party, I felt so happy coz I realized that I still have many friends yang masih setia kawan dgn yzma.. So tetibe yzma teringat saat-saat indah perkenalan yzma dgn gang-gang oopsie nih... Actually kalau ikutkan yzma sebenarnye kenal oopsie sorang jer (my schoolmate mase kat mozac) Fyi, mozac tuh name singkatan my secondary school: Sek. Men. Sains Muzaffar Syah Melaka. (Sekolah yang terletak di puncak bukit..dan sungguh nyaman skali udara di sana...) After SPM, kitorg berpecah... yzma ke u*m and oopsie u*m... After habis degree then we met balik...Mase ni lar oopsie meng'introduce' kawan-kawan nyer pada yzma... Alhamdulillah, even though yzma mcm chips more (kejap ade kejap xde..) we manage to have a good relationship. For me "kawan biar ramai-ramai, musuh jangan dicari"

With Gangz on yzma wedding day!! Meriah you...

So last 3 weeks, yzma telah berjejak kasih dgn oopsie and sab di Alamanda since almost a year kitorg x berjumpa.. Then the next week we decided to bake cupcakes @ yzma's villa... we really had fun & enjoy ourself..

Hasil creativity yzma, oopsie & sab baked and decorate cup cakes... Ade kelas kan!!!

Tup-tap last weekend oopsie ajax yzma lepak mamak @ PJ dgn gang-gang semua...So yzma pon suggest to hang out @ my villa.. Lagi best & menjimatkan...heheheh..So we had pot luck party and I tell you.. it was fun... Kepada kawan2 lame: It so great to meet with u guys again!!! Kepada kawan-kawan baru: Mucho Gusto!!! (nice to meet u in Spanish)..Yang ade @ the party: eus, razif, oopsie, sunshine, baby D, nana, kahl, bee, beejan, tank & anne. Not forget my permanent guest Niza & Abe..( Next time yzma story pasal my permanent guest ni yek..hehehe). To Sab & La: Nanti kalau ade lagi party, kene datang tau!! Rindu korang...

They all lepak till 6pm.. And thanks to Bee for clearing up my kitchen..(Syayang Bee!!!...Bak kata nana banana: Kite sudah jadi saudara sekarang ;)... ) So hopefully kite semua boleh berjumpa lagi...

Picture taken during pot luck party @ yzma's villa...

To oopsie: Terpaksa aku mencuri satu gambar dari blog ko..nak letak jugak dalam blog aku...Jangan Marah yek...

Till then..muah..muah..

February 7, 2007


Pejam celik-pejam celik kite sudah berada di tahun 2007..Well for yzma, 2007 start with great things & hopefully it will last forever... So for 2day, yzma want to share my beautiful life story with you all....Earlier January ari tuh, yzma telah dikejutkan dengan kedatangan Boyz II Men utk buat concert di Arena Genting.. As Boyz II Men fan, I am so excited to go to the concert.... Unfortunately, hubby wont let to sebab die kate: "membazirlar..tiket die mahal". A bit frustrated but it not stop there. For me "When there is a WILL, there is always a WAY" dengan kate erti yg lain "Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan"... fyi, yzma ni jenis suke call radio..Any radio that offer great prizes, di sitular yzma jd pendengar setia. :-) So, yzma start to surf net which radio yg give out free tickets to the concert. LUCKY me... I've got the tickets!!! (2 days befor the concert) YAHOO!! Thanks to Light & Easy... Dapat jugak yzma pergi tgk concert and layan old flame songs..

Pesanan: Dont u guys under estimate the wheather at Genting... yzma pon ingat whether die x sejuk sgt, tp bile naik atas..kabus tebal sgt-sgt.(Sampai x nampak jalan!!) Sejuk die xyah ckp lar kan... Sian hubby, die pakai short sleave jer..yzma pulak memang bwk extra sweater tp gambar cartoon coala bear...hehehe nak-xnak terpaksa hubby pakai jugak...( but it really looks cute lar hubby :-) ) Anyway we really have fun during the concert..yzma pon nyanyi sampai serak-serak suare you..hehehe
Ni gambar plg dekat yg boleh amik..Almaklumlar tiket free kan....

Actually yzma bukan pergi bersama hubby jer tau... Kebetulan my fren pon pergi jugak on the same show.. I introduced u to my beloved fren; Cuna (bukan name sebenar :p) & her husband; Izam. Just got married a few months ago. Congratulation guys!!!

Untuk dipendekkan cerita, Izam ni my schoolmate mase kat mozac dulu. Tp yg kelakarnye we never talked to each other selama kitorg kat skolah dulu..heheheh Memule yzma felt really weird hang out with them. (coz normally me & hubby just lepak with cuna alone jer).. Tapi lelame rase mcm 'cool' gak.. So we really have fun..Jalan-jalan di taman bunga..Tapi yg sedihnyer xdapat nak naik ride spiderman...Xpelar Cuna..next time kite g Genting kite naik spiderman, superman, batman & kluang man skali yek....Anyway really enjoy lepak with u guys..( bile nak dtg lepak umah aku laks?? nanti leh karaoke..)

Sambil menghirup udara segar di puncak Genting, yzma sempat take photo bunga-bunga cinta dan pemandangan indah yang ade di Genting..Release tension tgk keindahan kejadian Allah... yzma bersyukur kerana dapat hidup di bumi yang aman ini. Alhamdulillah...

Aiks..gerangan siapakah itu yang menyibuk di celah-celah keindahan puncak Genting??? Itular yzma and my beloved hubby!!! Nice to meet u aLL.. muah muah

February 6, 2007

My 1st blog

At last..I have my own blog. Actually dah lame teringin nak ade blog sendiri but honestly I hate writing!! ( english ke malay ke, ayat semua tunggang-langgang) So for my beloved readers its good for u to exercise ur brain to understand what I'm trying to said yek...Well wondering nape tibe-tibe I create yzmahoney?? Thanks to my beloved friends Oopsie and riz for encouraging me to create this blog. And also recently I realize that it is important to appreciate your life.

Last Sunday, my friend: che' rose (actually she was my brother's X-gurlfren) passed away. And guess what.. She's only 18!! Walking with her friend & suddenly collapse. Even doctor pon tak tau sebab kematian. And yzma start thinking, when is exactly my time will be..(Ya Allah panjangkan umurku dan berilah aku kesihatan..Amin). Scared huh? Yang hidup pastinya akan mati. But life must go on. The most important things is try to remember the best moments in our life. Start to change things..Mane yang xelok tuh dielok-elokkan... Mane yg buruk, dicantik-cantikkan.. So at least yzma will never regret to be yzma.. Lagi satu, try to appreciate your love ones. To my beloved hubby: "I LOVE U SO MUCH SAYANG!!" To mama & papa: "Adik syayang sgt-sgt papa & mama. Terima kasih kerana besarkan adik dengan penuh kasih-sayang".

So now, yzma so excited to write blog!! Try to keep track what I have been doing or going to do in my life. Currently, yzma have to prepare proposal & looking for supervisor to pursue PhD. Tapi yg xbest nyer..yzma still belum enroll master lagi. La ni my thesis status is still under checking by examiner. Hopefully xbyk correction. So readers..pray for my success yek..

yzma personal life plak.. I used to be very funky person. But now I think I'm very sensitive..(Sudah tua kah aku?) tp yg best nye..since marriage I manage to control my the very bad temper.. Kalau x dulu sket2 nak mengamuk..(For all mozac-rian (1993-1997), sorry yek sape yang kene pum-pang dengan aku) Now yzma is a responsibility person, hate when people take for granted ( kepada yg pemalas tuh, wei boleh x buat kerja sendiri..jgn susahkan orang), try so hard to loose weight (bile lar body i nk jd mcm ala-ala fasha sandha...Benci I!!) and anxious to be business woman (la ni stakat jual desert jer..hehehe). Check out my baking skill!! (next time I story yek..)

Itulah serba sedikit pasal yzma pada coretan yang pertama ini. Till then muah..muah...