April 21, 2011

Cinta Cholestrol...

Pernah dgr Xanthelasma?
Taken from encik Wikipedia "Xanthelasma is a sharply demarcated yellowish collection of cholestrol underneath the skin usually on or around eyelids".

From other reference " Xanthelasma may occur in connection to hypercholestrolaemia (high cholestrol/serum lipid level). Patient with hypercholestrolaemia are at a higher risk of gettin stroke and heart attack."

And wondering why me sibuk sibuk explain about Xanthelasma???
yesss baby.. I do have Xanthelasma on my right eyelid. :( in fact there is sign to appear another one on my other eyelid.. Punyelar I sibuk2 nak kuruskan badan yet my cholestrol level god damn high.. yesterday went for cholestrol check up. And as expected the cholestrol level is higher then normal value. The optimum value is 5.7 yet mine is 7.6.. And the is also test for LDL (bad cholestrol) and HDL (good cholestrol).. and guest what?? my HDL is lower then it supposed to be BUT the WORST scenario my LDL is far far higher from the optimum value. For normal value the LDL must be <2.6. But mine is 5.8!!!! horror kan...

DR suggest me to change my family planning method. Currently me using depo injection (once in 3 months)..this kind of injection effect hormone where my calcium level become low (the reason I keep on having spasm in my low abdomen) and most probably the cholestrol level become higher due to the same reason. Also need to change my eating behavior (iyer saye sgt suke akan lemak2 daging dan juge telur masin..) and last but not least need more exercise!!

need to loose at least 3 kgs within this 3 months.. boleh ke? hmm terpakse kan... before this i dont really believe in food diet.. buat now have to... have to start new eating lifestyle.. no more oily food, no more seafood.. tsk tsk soooo sedih..

so for today i start with fasting. Ate oat for sahur (sooo xsedap)... I believe with fasting we can control our diet easily BUT dgn syarat jgn berbuke secara melampau...

Doakan semoga saya sekeluarga sihat sejahtera..

Till then.. muah! muah!