October 12, 2010

Rome, Padova & CLEF2010

Banyak bende nk tulis tapi xtau nk start dr mane...hmm sudah agak lame xmenulis... ini disebabkan terlalu banyak bende yg serabut dlm kepale otak ini.. Alhamdulillah everything getting better...Kenape serabut?? disebabkan risau xtentu pasal pasal our Europe trip last September..Alhamdulillah everything went well...best tapi penat...
We start the journey on 16th September at 3am to Rome by Qatar Airline..transit kat Doha airport.. I loike Qatar Airline.. even me bring along both heroes, boleh dikatekan the flight is confortable..of course lar budak2 meragam..tp xseteruk mane..still boleh handle.. the bassinet, the food We reach Rome at 1.30pm local time...It was nice shiny day...then directly go to our Bibi & Romeo Bed & Breakfast... The room is quite small for 5 of us but still ok.. Sampai bilik semuer kepenatan & treus tidur..
Next day baru ler start berjalan ke Vatican City (its just a walk distance from our place)..Then afternoon we went to Rome mosque (used to be a church) for friday pray... our cleaner (Abdul)at b&b was a bangladeshi & muslim..so he guide us to the mosque..sementara tunggu hubby semayang kitorang p melantak nasi kat pasar2 luar masjid tuh..Later we met a chinese muallaf lady (Khadeja) at the mosque who volunteered to be our tourist guide.. Abdul & Khadeja showed us how to go to Trevi Fountain & Spanish Step.. really enjoy it!
The next day we went to designer outlet..unfortunately it was raining that day.. For those yg pernah pergi outlet almaklumlar its just deretan kedai & tiada beratap..so bile hujan tuh terpaksa lar kami berlindung di food court sampai me myself xde mood nk bershopping.. :( manage to buy innerwear & a pair of shoes shj...
The next day is our flight to Venice. Then from Venice we take a cab to Padova. Padova ni tempat conference CLEF 2010 yg saya nk pergi... the conference held at Universitas Studii Paduani.. I really love staying at Padova.. The accomodation, surrounding, kedai shopping nyer smuer best2!!! Apartment yg kami rent sgt selesa & byk kemudahan...plus the owner sgt baik hati.. the owner lend me her bike so its easier for me to go to the conference.. it was so joyful riding a bike at very nice place.. saye rase saye the only person in Padova who wear hijab during cycling.. org local pon pelik tgk me bawak bicycle kat area diorg..heheheh it was such a good experience & memory...
About the conference..Alhamdulillah dapat banyak ilmu baru..especially on extraction features..okies..before the conference was held, the organizer had given us sample of dataset...so we download the dataset & apply it using our method and then evaluate based on their criteria... so during the conference there are lots of discussion on which method the best & still how to improve for better performance.. since the dataset is a compilation of images and textual information based on HTML script. Most of the applicant used textual feature for retrieve & classify..ade juga yg combine both textual and visual.. but for those yg use only visual feature result in poor performance... why?? thats the question i need to prove that using visual also can produce better performance using different method & solution.
What I like the most about this conference, they already have guideline in evaluation of every run system submitted.. Therefore its easier for me to compare the result of my run system with others without developing or running their system..Isn't that great?? tp yg xbest kalau result kite poor than them...but thats wat we call research kan!! klu lg teruk mesti cr jalan to improve the result kan!!! owwwhhh i'm so sexcited to complete my run system & compare with them!!!!
hopefully can get better result & submit for CLEF next year.. dgr2 cite nak buat kat Greek plak.. SV disayangi, boleh saya pergi lagi?? hehehehhe
Meanwhile I need to practice present for my proceeding paper conference tomorrow...yer saya sgt gile conference..hehehe Journal satu pon tadak lagi!!! aduih!!!! ini just small conference held in U*M...dibiaya sepenuhnyer oleh diri sendiri.. pergi ni pon nk cr potential examiner.. hopefully dapatlar new knowledge and good networking... Actually I do believe with networking... lg bagus your networking lagi mudah untuk u buat kerja & mengembangkan ilmu anda...chewah!
So oklar..ade mase lain nanti saya sambung lg cerite tentang Europe trip saye yang Paris & London..but seriously, saya sgt jatuh hati pada Italy.. InsyaAllah ade rezeki lebih I will definitely come again..boleh x berangan nk pergi dgn hubby jer mcm honeymoon.. heroes tinggal dgn nenek yek!!! hehehehe
Gambar?? sile refer pada Facebook saya yek..
Till then..muah! muah!