November 30, 2008

i'm scrued!!

scrued my blog.. gatal tgn konon nk chantekkan..xtau ape jadi..damn &%#@...hmmmmmmm

November 27, 2008

Smiley Face

This is 1st pix of Rayyan's smiley face.. Susah btul nak amik gambar pakcik nih senyum.. At last dapat jugak..hehehe The pix was taken @ nanny's house 26 Nov 2008 around 3pm.. Why so detail? saje..hehehhe

Till then...Muah! muah!

Tudung Ariani Vs Calista Design

Recently i am so addicted to buy "tudung berfesyen" ala2 ekin gitu..heheh As i noticed there are so many types of tudung with different range of price. So 2day I would like to explain the difference between tudung Ariani ( located at Jackel, Jln TAR) that my sister bought and also tudung by Calista Design that i bought from online. Well basically the design are same.. Please refer at the "cun model"..hehehe

For tudung Ariani:

The awning is from Thai silk but the hard part is only at the front part of awning.. So that the tudung will follow ur head/face shape.. and it really look nice without worrying ur tudung will senget benget.. The rest of tudung is made by cotton.. In material wise, Ariani is more lighter & comfortable to wear.. The price range for this kind of tudung (RM75-RM95)

Tudung by Calista Design

The awning of this tudung is also made by Thai Silk & the hard part is all covered at the awning. It also makes u look good in wearing it. The material for the rest of the tudung is made by silk spandex. It soft and also comfortable to wear. The price for this tudung is RM55!
As for me (a cheapskate person) heheh I prefer to buy Calista Design tudung. As it cheaper & comfortable to wear it with an affordable price.
WARNING: This post is just an opinion of mine. Nothing to do in promoting of any brand of product. As this is my blog & i'm able to write wateva i want.
Till then..muah! muah!

November 20, 2008

Ngantuks ajer...

hmm malam td begitu semangat untuk sambung study..Unfortunately 8pm dah tertdo kepenatan.. Lately ni I cepat sgt pena PLUS extremely backache..kenape yek? adekah disebabkan BF? tapi everyday I mkn multivitamin & calcium.. any Tips from BF mummy?? cemane nk bertahan cergas smpi at least kul 10pm..heheheh
pagi ni pulak bgn tdo rase ngantuk sgt sgt..smpi hubby nk g kerja i still @ the bed zZZzZzZz..nasib baik Rayyan dah mandi, nyusu & tdo blh lar mama take a nap jap..
Esok nak g U*.. Ade roadshow from unit perundangan U*. Nk ask more about how to manage grant money..Hope sgt I can go 2 any abroad conference with the money..but wait! have to work hard & do some contribution in research study..semangat! semangat!
Update for my research: Manage to get expertise of confocal microscopy.. hmm kerja semakin serius..kene bertungkus lumus selepas ini..
Doakan saye yek..
Till then...Muah! muah!

November 13, 2008

Rayyan 2 months old..

Rayyan's look @ 2 months old.. (muke budak demam)

Wow... time does fly. rase mcm baru semalam masuk spital nk deliver..heheh dah 2 bulan my precious. Alhamdulillah Rayyan sihat..Now he is 6.29kg weight and 57cm length.

Last Tuesday we went for 2nd dose of injection. Since we also take the pneumococcal vaccine so rayyan kene inject both left & right peha.. (ape "peha" in english yek? lupe..i dok ingat drumstick jer..heheh) Nway poor my precious..that nite rayyan got lil fever..Alhamdulillah die x meragam..just lembek jer & xselera nk minum susu..This is 1st time rayyan got fever & Alhamdulillah mama & papa can handle it very well :)

So below is the pix of Rayyan's peha yg kene inject..sian anak mama..nway sgt tembam kan peha die..gerammnyerr mama tgk!

Alhamdulillah 2day Rayyan da sihat & bgn2 jer terus sengeh kat mama die..CUTE SGT!!! below video i captured few days before...Rayyan dah nk start chit chat dgn mama die..syioknyer!!!

Till then..Muah! Muah! from Rayyan & Yzma...

November 2, 2008

Papa & Rayyan

Tepuk Amai Amai Belalang Kupu Kupu
Tepuk Rayyan Pandai Papa Upah Susu
Susu Lemak Manis Santan Kelapa Muda
Rayyan Jangan Nangis Papa Buat Kerja
Papa buat keje ke tdo?? :p
JOm tdo sesame!!!