February 16, 2009

Gossiping weekend

last weekend sgt best.... i can label it as my gossiping weekend... On saturday went to my best x-skoolmate wedding @ seremban...Nanie & zuwairi congratulation!!!! kawen jugak korang kan..Alhamdulillah... Is like a small reunion..meeting old frens..ade yg bwk anak, ade yg still single mingle.. apapepon i was happy to meet them.. sara is waiting for her 1st delivery..good luck beb!! keet's daughter is so so look alike her father...hehehhe hana & bee yee tetap maintain vogue..hehehe and me..proudly introduce my precious to all my frens!!!

@ pelamin

wan ter, pengantin, me, rayyan & sara

bee yee as pengapit, has, mayna, keet, aleea, me & rayyan

The next day was full of gossiping... since hubby went to putra*jaya for biking, me invite a*be to lepak2 @ my home.. tak habis disitu...me invite ladyverde to makan apple pie that i bake..continue gossiping... that evening invite ij*an..my u*pm colleague to come & join us... this is her 1st time met rayyan and lepak to my house...Wow...wat a day!! at 6pm a*be and i*jan balik, me sambung lepak at luar rumah gossip with neighbour plaks..hehehehe kak ani bile nk buat pocho2 nih..heheh

me (alamak mcm da gemuks!), abe & precious

aunty verde, aunty abe & rayyan

my best gossip weekend!!

Till then..muah! muah!

February 14, 2009

weird energetic brain...

have u been any situation that suddenly ur brain cant stop thinking even though u try so damn hard to take a nap or resting ur mind??? yeah tell me about it!!! Last nite i'm so extremely exhausted!! went to Alamanda to buy wedding gift for na*nie then trying to confort my precious yg ngamuk to get asleep..So when rayyan already asleep and itd s time for me to lay down to rest my body & mind....suddenly my brain become extremely energetic to think of my research!!! I cant even shut my eyes!!! Lots lots of ideas pouring inside my head..I tried to psycho myself to let the ideas go away & try to sleep.. HAMPEH...
The brain keep on working on how i'm going to start my work of research... Dgn hati yg tidak puas hati I took my notebook and wrote everything that cross my mind.. but heyy..guess what.. i've discovered some significant ideas/points that can insert to my research..so happy for that but still worried if the ideas is not working..but thats wat we call research kan...
The clock shows 2am in the morning & i'm still with my notebook..Rayyan plaks boleh plak wake up every 1 hour nak milk...bertambah2 xblh tdo.. Around 2.30pm i closed my notebook & try to get fall asleep.. STill cant you all!!! the brain keep on thinking & thinking & thinking... Sampai tahap i'm not sure whether i'm thinking or dreaming....weird huh!!!!
I think Around 4am kot i tertido but precious wake me up @ 4.30 untuk milk... huhuhu inilar cabaran untuk breastfeed kan... xpelar...
p/s:Nway rayyan is now 5 months!! weight 8.1kgs.. u can imagine why everyday i keep on complaining about my backache..hehehe tapi rambut still sket ala2 lalang yang tumbuh dipadang bola...
pp/s: I'm not going to wish u all 4 valentine's day BUT i jus want u guys to know that i really loves you..i really miss all my frens..xkire abroad or local..you know who you are.. I Really hope that for next 2-3 years we can meet again, hang out ang have fun like old times.. and I miss karaoke-ing with tun's gang project & best office mate... I really hope to gather with my hubby's cheras clan (sorry guys xdpt join ari tuh), spend time with my best buddies za*lifah, a*be, ve*rde and sesape lg lar..

Till then..muah! muah!