July 26, 2007


I love the way you look at me,
Your eyes so bright and blue.

I love the way you kiss me,
Your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me so happy,
And the ways you show you care.

I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you're always there.

I love the way you touch me,
Always sending chills down my spine.

I love that you are with me,
And glad that you are mine.

Those pictures were taken during our anniversary celebration (although its 4 days earlier) @ Luna Bar, KL. It was a perfect date on top of building... gayat babe!!

Syayang, I promise you that I will always love you now and forever..

me on top of KL...cool mehh...

can see KL tower from here..

nice place..

got nice view somemore...

so ROMANTIC!! Hubby I love u so much!! muah!!

aiyakk!! got CicakWoman meh?? :P hehehe

Till then..muah! muah!

I'm sorry mama

I'm sorry for the troubles
And the worries I brought you.
I'm sorry for my mistakes,
I didn't mean to make you blue.

When I was young and growing up,
Living in your home for so long,
I made many people sad,
I did many things wrong.

So I thought that I could show you now,
By moving away and being on my own,
That I was finally straightened out,
I wanted to prove to you I am finally maturely grown.

But I havn't done to well at that,
I guess it goes to show,
You never really solved it all,
You never really know.

I'd like to show you now,
I need to take the time to say,
Thanks for accepting both the good and bad.

Love you mama!!! muah! muah!

July 22, 2007

Best Nyer Ramai Kawan!!!!

Friend are there, smile or tear.
Friends are there, happiness or fear.
Friends are fun and friends are clever,
And the ties that bind friends will last forever.

Hi there... Its been a while I've been away. Is not that I forget or neglect my precious blog. It just I dont have the mood to write. :-) However, recently I really have some happy stories that I wanna share with u guys.

Last week yzma sibuks kemas-kemas bilik to become my study room as for phd preparation. Talking about PhD, Alhamdulillah yzma will start PhD this semester. So hopefully I manage to finish it within 3 years, InsyaAllah. Do pray for my success!!... Anyway back to my story, sambil2 kemas tuh yzma tgk lar album-album lame... wadduuhh..rindu nye zaman anak dara dulu...hehehe having fun with frenz..

Last week I went to Kuantan, meeting one of my best friend..Niza... Happy bangat dpt jumpa Niza... Kitorang boleh belasah lepak rumah Niza sampai pukul 12 mlm..Sorry yek Niza kacau jerss....yzma met Niza during matriculation in U*M. We had so many thing shared together.. Ade yg sedih, ade yang klakar...

Sometimes we can be sexy as this

And the next day can be 'alim' as this

Apapepon we still be best friend now & forver...hmm Niza if you read this, I want u 2 know that we will gonna have some FUN & enjoy our life same mcm dulu jugak... I PROMISE YOU.. :-)
Seronok sgt sgt to meet with my long lost fren..Mase peluk tuh terase nk nangis plak...hehehe Nick is my good friend in m*za*... The last time we met was on my wedding day..Since that we never keep in touch until last nite she came to visit me. She's already married & had a son, Akif age 2. Gosh, mcm x percaya jer.. For 5 years, yzma duduk se-dorm dgn die.. Menari same2, sport same2, mkn same2... Kalau diingatkan balik, rase mcm nk pergi balik zaman sekolah dulu.. seronok sgt rasenyer...tp life must go on kan.. nway yzma still happy to see us grown up, ade family, career..yzma doakan semoga nick & family bahagia hingga akhir hayat..amin. Picture below was taken in 1997 (Form 5)..yzma & nick during bersalam-salaman after sembahyang hajat untuk SPM... hmm muke still same lar..awet mude u.. :p

It was four of us, Nanie, Sara, yzma & Nick. Canggih kan dorm kitorang..hehehehe
Lunch time td, skali lagi yzma met my best friends mase matrik jugak... Dah lame x gathering rase seronok plak jumpa diorang... Last time gathering pon mase wedding yzma..So x sempat nk bergossip-gossip u.. so td i-shah buat house warming party.. cantik rumah i-shah.. then kat sane jumpa nazim..It seems nazim so happy to meet me & so am I. Nazim pregnant 8 months...and i-shah has a daughter- Balqis.. Uishh.. seronokss sgt dpt chit-chat dgn member lame... Unfortunately yzma forgot to bring camera :( so xdpt nk amik gambar terkini kitorang.. However I had a picture during we all mase matrik dulu...

Seronok kan dapat jumpa kawan-kawan lame... Terase muda!! hehehe So gang, bile nak meet up lagi??? Syiok laa....
Tapi dalam happy-happy nih, yzma sedih sgt-sgt sebab one of my best friend nk move to Iowa, State.. :( ikut hubby g persue PhD for 4 years... Yang lg sedihnyer, yzma xdpt send die kat airport coz i'm going 2 bandung on the same day... Her name is Zalifah.. Everbody call her jaja. Zalifah best friend dgn yzma since I was standard 2...Just imagine!! It was 19 years ago!! Then we went separate way during secondary and met again in U*M doing the same degree.. Mase sekolah dulu boleh dikatakan everyday yzma g amik zalifah then bonceng naik basikal g skolah..(ala-ala supir kelas bawahan) hehehe byk sgt sgt kenangan manis kitorang go through together... Zalifah, nanti jgn lupe kite tau bile dah duduk sane... lepas tuh jgn lupe post hadiah2 best untuk birthday kite yek..hehehehe Good bye my friend & I'm gonna miss u SO-SO much...

Gambar ni mase kitorang g Genting..Mase ni darjah 5 kot..heheh xingat lar.. Siap pegang tangan lagi...name pon BEST FRIEND kan.. :)

Ni gambar yzma & hubby with Zalifah... Zalifah mase ni jd MC for the event!! Siap berpantun-pantun lagi.. Best aa!!!!

Seronoknya bile terkenang-kenang kawan-kawan lame nih... Bertambah seronok kalau kite spent sedikit mase kite untuk berjumpa dengan diorang... To all my beloved friends, I pray for your happiness & success and I hope that our friendship will last FOREVER..
Till then..muah..muah..