April 14, 2010

Hubby at age 30

Actually this is belated birthday entry for hubby..but its not too late for me to wish him Happy Birthday Syayang!!! yang ke..ehem..ehem..30!!!! yeay... dah masuk 3 series dah!!!...phheewww sudah tua kah?? No lar syayang..di mate I u senantiasa mude dan hemsem selalu...hik hik

Nway 1st we celebrate hubby's bday @ lil luqman's house...thanks to khal & nana for the best party venue ever!! so convenience... can bring lil hadif & his buai along..yeay!!!

rayyan can play with luqman,

me can gossiping with nana &

not to forget the Kayu Manis dishes yang SGT SGT sedap!!!

Konon nk surprise hubby with the cake, but it seems like hubby already know about the plan the nite before (and yess thanks to kahl for 'bocoring 'the secret to the other party :p) Altho the crowds not really ramai, me, faizal, kahl, nana & the kiddos we really had fun!! really enjoy the food, cake is sooooooo yummylicious and photo session..

The next day, my FIL plak invite us to Po'Sen restaurant... At first we all quite malas to go coz we already had our dinner plus lil Hadif a bit cranky...then later my BIL call that FIL already bought a cake for hubby...Quite surprisingly since they never celebrate hubby's bday before..sungguh besar yek penangan 30 tahun nih..hehehe

so me, hubby and just rayyan (hadif da selamat tdo mase nih) went to the restaurant.. we had small family gathering, hubby again cutting his 30th birthday celebration cake and had fun chit-chating...

There goes hubby twice birthday celebration at the age of 30... Syayang, I doakan semoga Allah memberikan segala yang terbaik untuk u..kesihatan yg sempurna, kesejahteraan hidup, dimurahkan rezeki, keperibadian yang mulia danmenjadi seorang suami & ayah yang bertanggungjawab & penyayang. I LOVE U SO MUCH SYAYANG!!!!
Till then..muah! muah!